Meet the Comptons

Norm & Deb Stacking inside

Forty years ago, Debbie and Norm Compton met in Hawaii, and the rest is history. They have made fitness the key element in both their personal and professional lives. Personal training, stunt work, injuries and their continual quest for excellence compelled them to create “Stacking: Your Skeletal Blueprint for Posture”. Stacking helps clients of all ages perform better with fewer injuries. Now in their mid-60’s, the Compton’s have been around the block, just faster than most of us! Forty years of knowledge, experience and a touch of the Aloha spirit run through everything they do.

Fully practicing the fitness principles they preach, Norm and Debbie still engage in fitness activities that continue to challenge themselves. They believe in the old axiom “if you don’t use it, you lose it!”

A Little More About Debbie

Debbie got her first personal training certification in 1993. Compton’s certifications include; American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, a Power Walking Master Instructor for Reebok University, Certified Fitness Coaching Specialist and a Functional Fitness Specialist.

Her work at the renowned The Yard Training Center in Hermosa Beach, California, helped her gain experience and notice. Elite and everyday athletes sought her out; then came the deeper challenges with special needs patients. She now works with people who have serious issues such as Parkinson’s disease, Spina bifida, fused disks, knee, hip and shoulder replacements and fibromyalgia. Debbie’s own issues with Scoliosis gave her keen insight into her client’s treatments. With help from Debbie, these “Stackers” gain more mobility, better fitness and an improved life with less pain.

A Little More About Norm

Norm grew up in Kailua, Oahu in the beautiful state of Hawaii fully involved in sports, from football and rugby to marathons and surfing. He worked as a Hollywood stuntman for 27 years, starting with Magnum P.I. and at the age of 47 became Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first stunt double in his debut movie “Scorpion King”.

Debbie calls Norm her science project because of all the times she’s had to fix him. The active and often dangerous profession led to many serious injuries. It was through the hard path of recovery that Norm became aware how much posture helped as it related to healing and getting back to work helped create the foundation to Stacking. Norm became certified in 2000 by International Fitness Professionals Association, as well as, a Functional Fitness Specialist. Norm’s passion is to help people gain better lives through better body mechanics and integrate this into daily activity.

What Is Stacking?


noun: to build an orderly pile.

verb: – focusing on creating and keeping proper body mechanics.

Stacking is a series of assessments and exercises establishing priorities of where to start your journey to structural health and durability.

When used regularly, these techniques teach the communication between the bones and the muscles that control them. Stacking creates posture in motion.

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