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Turning Fitness Inside Out

Deb & Norm Compton have taken their experience and developed a system called Stacking, for a stronger skeletal frame. Focusing on your frame as the first step will change your approach to fitness. The Compton’s say “Stacking, puts the X Factor in posture & recovery!”

The Posture Mechanics

The Compton’s teach Perfect Posture Mechanics. This leads to an awareness of your body all day, in and out of the gym. It starts from getting out of bed, walking, reaching overhead – whether from a chair, car or just getting up off the floor. If proper mechanics are not integrated into these constant daily movements, the challenge on your balance and joints will become pain.

Placing the Bones in their Pocket

Stacking is a series of assessments which will lead to the prescription of exercises that establish priorities of where to start your journey to structural health & durability. When used regularly, this technique of placing the bones in their pockets teaches communication between your skeletal structure and the muscles that control it. Stacking allows posture in motion.

Reset your body throughout the day

In their book, they explain why the wall is the best place to establish what standing straight feels like. They teach the importance of communication between you and your structure which needs to stay in your optimal upright position at all times. This is resetting your body.

Make your work days your workouts

Learning to do every movement throughout your day with intent on body mechanics is a workout! How many times during the day do you get up from a seated position, 10 or 15? Each one of these is an opportunity to do a perfect squat. Stacking will guide you into establishing perfect body mechanics used in your movements throughout your day. Stacking turns everyday activities into your workout.

The Systems of our Body

The human body is a fascinating structure. We carry around eleven systems that live separately but depend on one another for the body to function. A few you will recognize are the muscular-skeletal, nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems. The focus of this book is the top of the list, the muscular-skeletal system.

“When the need for mobility and strength in the feet are ignored, especially in middle age, we risk waking up one day to discover we are merely shuffling instead of walking.”

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